Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Tears For Fears - "Goodnight Song"

Rural art?

The ugliest horse I have seen. Spotted in Longview, Alberta June 16, 2017.

It's time to hate . . .

Rock stackers!

These people are a menace and need to be stopped. Wherever wilderness spot I have visited these people have usually struck. Who knows what they will vandalize next? This stuff is a blight on the landscape.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Abandoned bridge and rail line at Sharples, Alberta

The night of June 23, 2017 I met up with Jenn of westofthefifthmeridian.blogspot.ca fame in Carbon, Alberta. We did a quick run for possible photo opportunities to Sharples and Hesketh, Alberta which are not that far from Carbon. Quick fun visit. I might have to quit meeting fellow bloggers. They seem to have much better cameras than me. To boost my ego I might have to beat her to a few places that she wants to visit just because I can. 

Party central

My nephew is in high school and he is a special needs kid. He attends a class with other kids like him. His birthday is coming up in July so my sister set up a party last Saturday where he and his friends could get together at her house to celebrate the beginning of summer and his upcoming birthday. It was easier to get everyone together now before they started their summer break with their families. 

I offered to help out. I did a few grocery runs and helped set it up. There were about ten kids that attended. I only met one of them before. A few of them were shy and a few were definitely not. I talked to all of them at various times. I had some in-depth conversations with a few of them. It turns out some of them have some very ambitious goals. I hope they set the world on fire. Video games were played. The karaoke machine made an appearance while my brother-in-law barbecued burgers and hot dogs. One of the girls turned out to be a surprisingly good singer. 

After the food everyone headed outside. My sister bought a couple of water balloon kits for them to use. The kids were filling bowls with water balloons. It should have clicked that stockpiling water balloons was an ominous sign. The adults were starting to get targeted. My sister has about ten super soakers in her garage so the fight was on. I stayed out of it until a couple of them ganged up on me with water balloons. I grabbed a fearsome water cannon and got them back. Then I hunted for a kid with no weapon and handed mine over so they could blast someone, the party is for the kids after all. They should be the ones having the most fun. 

I got reminded of a few things. Do not underestimate people, especially the special kids, and I am in lousy physical shape. If the water war went on for a few hours I would have been toast. They all had a great time and so did I. I think I made some new friends.