Thursday, 19 April 2018

Whiska Creek

I often make road trips during the week and that means restaurants, town offices and gas stations are open in the small towns.  I like to support the local businesses when I can and things can be pretty quiet on the weekends. On this occasion I was travelling in the R.M. of Whiska Creek on a Thursday and, as I often do, I stopped at the R.M. office in Vanguard, Saskatchewan.  Maybe there was an old school in the area... 

I talked with the secretary and as soon as she knew what I was looking for she said, "You'll want to talk to this guy," and promptly made a phone call. Within a minute I was talking to a long-time resident and R.M. employee who was not only generous with his time but even photocopied part of the municipality map, marked the locations of two old schools and the best route for the current winter conditions.

At this point I'm more than happy with my windfall and then, when we shake hands, he hands me a business card and says, "Hope you enjoy the sites and if you get stuck or have a problem, don't hesitate to call."  Well, sometimes a "thank you" just doesn't seem like quite enough. 

Did I mention that it was cold and everything had a blanket of blanket of snow?  I'd take photos for a few minutes, run to the car to warm up, then repeat. Lucky for me both schools were fairly close to the road.

Burton School is northeast of Vanguard and sits on top of a hill.

Bonus: A sign where Arnold School used to stand.

For some reason, the landowner stripped Easby School of its bricks and all that's left is a skeleton. Nice skeleton it is too.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

So I have had my photos jacked

Doing a little bit of interet surfing on my break and I happened to notice this site:

Damn those photos look familiar.

The website just lifted the photos right from my blog. I do this sort of thing for fun. If they asked I likely would have told them they could use them. No one ever asked and no credit is given. They also swiped a few other photos for the Finnegan Ferry. I sent an email asking for an explanation. I will see if I get a response. They weird thing is that this looks like some kind of government sponsored tourism site.

I am sure I have had a few more images "liberated" by unknown parties. I know some other people that have had this happen. If I did this to make money I would really be steamed.

Update: My friends over at had the same thing happen with their photos on this same site. We will see what develops.

The Canada Geese are staying so spring must be coming

I have been seeing hundreds of them on fields and the numbers are increasing.

They are tough birds. A late spring winter snowfall will not hurt them.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New camera

Easter weekend I bought a Nikon Coolpix P900 and finally had an opportunity to get out and use it.

I did a minor zoom on this sitting in a field.

The zoom lens let me get closer.

I wanted to see just how good the telephoto lens was. I was able to read the manufacterer's information stamped on one of the blades when I zoomed in. This is not new stuff to anyone that has had a decent camera and a telephoto lens. Until now I have just owned inexpensive cameras so this is fun new territory for me.

While I was at it I thought I would try to be a bit artistic. I like the result.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Somewhere a groundhog needs to die with extreme prejudice

Last night my area received a heavy snowfall warning. Snow was to start today and we were to receive 10 to 20cm by the time it was done.The snow is falling heavily but it is melting and not piling up. Winter needs to be served an eviction notice.