Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Radium Hot Springs January 14, 2017

Saturday January 14, 2017 was the day for a one day road trip to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. From where I reside it is about a three and a half hour drive. This is Highway 93 from a bit north of Banff and heading west into British Columbia. It was a bit icy.

Being close to the mountains allows you to see sights like this.

Along Highway 93 you do not have to go far to see views like this. This one is just outside Radium and right beside the highway.

Heading west just before you enter the town of Radium.

The whole complex is being renovated. The hot pool is kept at about 39C. I stopped to try it out. It was warm but not hot. There are a few hot springs in this area of British Columbia. Fairmont Hot Springs is just a bit south of here and I find it hotter. It is an easy day trip from Calgary, Alberta.

In the lower right is a lifeguard chair and umbrella that someone never bothered removing. It is completely iced over.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Avian encounters in Kootenay National Park

These are lousy photos however I am posting them as I had a bit of fun with this character. I pulled off to the side of the highway to see if the path was open to a waterfall that was just off the road. This character was hunkered down on top of a snowbank. I thought it might have been injured as a snowbank seemed an odd choice for a place to hangout.

I got close up for a photo and ignored. 

I had the car window down when I was back in the car. My subject heard a bag of chips krinkle when I moved it and that got its attention. I do not feed wildlife. A short flying hop off the bank and on the road and it was convinced I gained a new friend. Confirmed no obvious injuries. No food from me either and it walked away in disgust. 

Snow chapeaux sported by fence posts

Kootenay National Park January 14, 2017. The fence is to keep wildlife from getting on to the highway.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Quick blog note

I  had someone recently comment with a question on a post that is over a year old. I answered them on the same post however I am not sure if people ever go back to check. If anyone wants to ask me anything I have an email address that I use only for this blog that is posted. I am reasonably quick answering emails.

Russo-Greek Orthodox Church near Star, Alberta

I spend some time looking on Google Earth for places to visit. This was on my list. I went looking for this on December 31, 2016 in person and I found it. It is always a bit exciting when a place turns out to be much better than you anticipated. If it was not so damn cold that day I could have explored some more and I might have ended up with some better photos.