Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Lonebutte Cemetery

I have no idea if there ever was any kind of settlement named Lonebutte or whatever became of it. This is right beside Highway 570 east of Drumheller, Alberta. This is a fairly large cemetery and I am guessing a church might have stood on the grounds. There are a number of unmarked graves. Only the cemetery remains.


  1. What a lonely and forlorn place to end ...

  2. But it is beautiful there. I like cemeteries. A good place to reflect on life.

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  5. So desolate, so beautiful. My grandmother's sister (Margaret Lucia (née Bellamy) Robbs) who was married to Joseph Victor Robbs, of the Lonebutte Hereford Cattle Ranch, may be at the Lonebutte Cemetery. Her uncle George Thomas "Tom" Brown's first wife (Janet née Glennie 1871-1916) and their two children are apparently there too (Baby Glen & 5 yr. old Josephine "Jo" Brown). Will have the opportunity to travel there this spring. Your photos have given me a good idea of what to expect.. so will come prepared! Thank you! Susan J
    PS - Lonebutte, in Alberta is one word (c-:) ..

    1. Will correct same. If you want to email me directly my email address is on the side.