Saturday, 23 April 2016

Quick take: Compeer Hotel April 2, 2016

Compeer, Alberta is very close to the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The town is close to ghost town status, there is not much here. A friend of mine used to frequent this hotel years ago, he used to live on a farm south of here about twenty years ago near Esther, Alberta. Another place in a line of small disappearing Alberta towns. The hotel has been abandoned for years.


  1. I wonder why a town that at one time had enough business to support a hotel would just die out.

  2. Not only did it have a bar but had a couple of stores, a Chevrolet dealership, grain elevators and other little businesses, As vehicles improve and schools close people travel further and small towns slowly die.

  3. I wonder if in the Great White North that the damages to these buildings are all due to weather/neglect. Broken windows always make me wonder.
    Have enjoyed your site for quite awhile though.

    1. Neglect? In this case there is no way this building could be sold. There is no market. The weather here can be very hard on buildings. Winter is rarely kind. We get wind and hail, wind strong enough to blow over highway trucks in some cases. I am amazed that some places here have lasted as well as they have.

      Glad you enjoy my little spot on the net.

  4. Now that's a cool. Have a special place in my heart for small town hotels. Nice photos.