Thursday, 20 July 2017

St. Wolodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Church

This spot was unique. This church and cemetery is truly remote. It is west of Cappon, Alberta and there really is not much at Cappon, Alberta. I noticed this on a county map and thought I would see it in person if I was ever in the area. I happened to be in the area on July 16, 2017.

This is not one of the regular range roads. The church is a distant spec on the horizon just on the right of this road. This view is due north.

This is the church.

I found out the church was covered in metal to protect it some years ago. I could not find anyone who could tell me if it was still in use.

This sign is up against the side of the church. This is unique since you see a lot, and I mean a lot, of eastern European churches in the northern part of Alberta. You do not see many in southern Alberta.

What amazed me is that the cemetery has some recent headstones. I did not cross the fence onto the church grounds. I could see in the distance that a few of the markers were newer. It is a small cemetery. There is absolutely nothing nearby except open prairie in all directions.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A post on bloggers

A few bloggers I have read have stopped blogging or disappeared. It is one of those minor mysteries where you wonder what may have happened to them. On a certain level you feel that you start to get to know some of them.

I have corresponded with some. A few I have met. I have plans to meet a few more, it is a matter of pulling it off. There are some that I would like to meet.

To those who I read on a daily basis I look forward to your posts.

Prairie flower

Spotted while trying to find my way back to a highway after many miles of gravel road north of Buffalo, Alberta.

Post office marker

In the middle of nowhere southwest of Oyen, Alberta. I am probably one of the few people that like finding these.

For the barn fans

Somewhere near Feudal, Saskatchewan on July 1, 2017.

Wide open empty space can be intimidating. At one time I used to live and work in Edmonton, Alberta. You would run across a number of people from Europe and China. Why anyone would want to visit or live in Edmonton was beyond me. I prefer a smaller place. Anyway I was always interested in what they thought of Canada. Most of them were amazed at the sense of space how quiet it is. In large European and Chinese cities I was told it is very crowded and there is constant noise. There was a bit of adjustment getting used to it. It can be quite the experience to go somewhere and feel the emptiness and hear nothing.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Abandoned bridge in Saskatchewan July 15, 2017

On Highway 40 heading towards Krydor, Saskatchewan and I noticed this off in the distance. Naturally I had to stop and investigate. 

A section of the old highway just off the existing highway. They just left the bridge when the road was abandoned.

Canola field off to one side.

Attempt at the "art" shot.

View from the other side. You can see the old rail line. 

This section of road has been abandoned for a long time.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Highway 886 bridge July 16, 2017

Bridge with a wooden deck over the Red Deer River, near Buffalo, Alberta.

How the bale magic happens

A John Deere tractor and baler is one way.

Near Buffalo, Alberta July 16, 2017.

In celebration of my birthday

Hay bales!

Wait, I think I already did this bit on January 13, 2017 . . .

Abandoned church in Bresaylor, Saskatchewan July 1, 2017

I did a quick stop here on July 1, 2017. I do not know what denomination the church was or how long it has been abandoned. There are only a couple of houses left in the town. I did not take a closer look as I think it was on someone's property.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

For Brighid

Who requested more barns.

On my way to Wingard, Saskatchewan July 15, 2017. 

Belmae School, July 1, 2017

This is near Arelee, Saskatchewan and there is not much in Arelee. You can look inside. The interior has been suffered some vandalism. The school operated from 1910 - 1957.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Feudal, Saskatchewan July 1, 2017

Definitely abandoned. There once was a rail line that went through here. There are a couple of abandoned buildings near the elevator. Elevators were built to last so this will be here for years to come.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Road trippin'

Glorious summer weather this weekend.

When I was a kid during summer I was outside doing stuff. I came in for lunch, dinner, and I came inside when the light started to fade. Otherwise I was free to do whatever and my parents largely left me alone. On the edge of town was hundreds of miles of wilderness to explore.

The summer road trip is the adult version of that.

Photo notes

First off I am not, nor do I consider myself to be, any kind of photographer. I mainly take photos to keep track of where I have been and for fun. Any decent photos I do take I consider to be a happy accident.

I take some photos with an Iphone 6. There are a couple of reasons for this. Taking photos with an Iphone will tag locations. I ususally remember where I take photos. Sometimes I get back from a trip and have to think about where exactly I took a photo of something interesting. I can check the location (providing there was no dead zone) on my cell phone for reference. I usually take photos with the camera and then one with the cell phone as the camera does not have GPS.

The other reason I sometimes use a cell phone is that I do not always have time to get the camera out of the bag, check if the lens is clean, then take a shot. A cell phone is just quicker. Sometimes the iphone takes better photos in certain situations.

About six months ago I bought a new Sony 20mp digital camera. I got it on clearance and it did not cost me much. I use something inexpensive for a variety of reasons. I can be a bit absentminded and I can see myself putting the camera on the roof my car and driving away. I have done stuff like this before. If it gets stolen I will not get too upset. I also do not know what I am doing. Using something that I do not have much invested in allows me to figure it out before I get something more expensive.

In my opinion if you want to take photos sometimes you have to get off your ass and look for subject matter. You need to find something that interests you. Then finding that shot can take some work. A walk, a hike, a drive, climbing, some kind of effort. You might get some exercise and learn a few things in the process.

Over time I am slowly getting an idea about using light, framing, perspective, and the like. I delete a lot of stuff. Some I mentally argue over before keeping or deleting. I look at a lot of photos on blogs and Instagram trying to learn how others do things. That can be a bit intimidating, some people out there are pure magic with a camera and possess more talent then I ever will. A digital camera allows you to make a lot of mistakes at little cost. I have friends and acquaintances that have expensive cameras and multiple lenses and get a lot of use out of them. One day I will splurge on better stuff. I want to figure a few things out first.

Saskatchewan ghost town

Bounty, Saskatchewan July 1, 2017. I took this road north off Highway 15 east of Rosetown, Saskatchewan. There are buildings and no people in Bounty. The first people were here in 1904 and a townsite was surveyed in 1910.

There are buildings, and as near as I could tell, no people living in Bounty. Practically every building has a "Private Property No Trespassing" sign

This is the front of the heavily overgrown church.

Side of the church.

Former school.

I think this was the main street.

Everything was empty and quiet. The experience was slightly eerie.

Took a quick video while I was there.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

Since you all deserve it . . .

My page views took a recent nosedive and seem to recovered lately. This is obviously correlated to my announcement that I was withholding hay bales until I saw an improvement. I am rewarding you all with a hay bale photo.

Dorothy, Alberta June 30, 2017

Abandoned grain elevator. This is a favourite spot for a lot of photographers. I usually stop and take a photo when I am in the area.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Late night music post

Spotted in Airdrie July 12, 2017

Where I live big Ford/Dodge/Chev crew cab pickups are popular. Of course there is the usual assortment of cars and SUV's that you see anywhere. This is the first Ferrari that I have seen outside of a showroom. I have seen a few exotic cars on the streets of Calgary. Someone once passed me driving a Lamborghini on the highway. I have seen a few Rolls Royce vehicles on the roads. I once saw a Bentley. Whoever has this lives and works in Airdrie.

Nice car. If I had the money to spare I would never own a vehicle like this. I get paranoid parking the heavily used car that I drive in a parking lot and coming back to find it dented. Imagine having that happen to a Ferrari. This part of Alberta is notorious for hailstorms. Personally I am happy for whoever owns it that they are able to afford one. I just wonder if they are able to get out on the road and open it up somewhere. The highways here are pretty heavily patrolled. Every once in awhile you will hear about someone taking out their sports car on Highway 2 that runs from Calgary to Edmonton getting arrested for driving at insane speeds. 

Years ago the RCMP in Airdrie had two high performance Ford Mustangs in RCMP markings for highway patrol. No one outran them. Which reminds me that aside from the RCMP and Peace Officers using cars, trucks, and motorcycles here I have spotted officers on bicycles. Not only that, they had a speed trap set up and were pulling vehicles over. Pursuing someone who failed to stop might have been interesting.

Abandoned barn near Feudal, Saskatchewan on July 1, 2017

No farm was nearby.

Old style granary. You still see a few of these.