Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A few shots at Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

This park is in Alberta east of Milk River. April 8, 2017.

The buildings in the background is the original NWMP (Northwest Mounted Police which became the RCMP) post built to stop criminal cross border activity through this area, the hills in the background are in Montana. The NWMP set up a camp in 1887 and built a post in 1889. The outpost remained operational until 1918.

This was a quick visit. This is the place that you need to spend a day dedicated to walking around. There are tours where you can see pictographs and get a better look at the post. I will have to do a revisit when everything is open.


  1. Beautiful! Another place I want to visit.

  2. Very unique rock formations... your pictures made me do some internet research about this park... it is a very interesting place!

    I read where the rock formations are called hoodoos and somehow I'm seeing the solid form of hay bales... gotta quit drinking this early in the day...LOL

  3. Sweet Grass hills in Montana