Monday, 10 April 2017

Pointless road trips

For no particular reason on April 8, 2017 I drove from Airdrie, Alberta to Milk River Alberta and killed off driving a few roads that I wanted to mark off my list. Milk River east to cross over the border crossing at Aden, Alberta / Whitlash, Montana heading south and then west crossing back into Canada at Sweetgrass, Montana / Coutts, Alberta. I am able to confirm there is a lot of nothing in this part of Alberta and Montana.

The Aden crossing is in the middle of nowhere. I was the only car travelling for mile that I could see. The Canadian side is a trailer, on the American side there is a modern building with a garage and traffic signals. You drive into the garage when the light is green and they close the doors on you. I was politely questioned by two guys. Whoever works here must be bored out of their mind. I did not see another vehicle on the road until I got to the Oilmont Highway. There is nothing in Oilmont either.

There is not much in Whitlash, Alberta which is five miles south of the border. There is a building with a sign on the front that says cold pop and ice. I thought it was a small store. I walked in. Sure enough, there was a small room with a concrete floor that housed a pop machine and an ice machine with some post boxes on the wall. That was it. I had to laugh as I found the situation funny.

On the plus side I stopped at a store in Sunburst, Montana and bought some IBC Root Beer (which you cannot get in Canada) for my nephew. He is a fan of root beer. Anytime you can find root beer on a trip it is a success on some level. My nephew loved the Root Beer.


  1. No road trip is pointless. Any time you can see what is over the next hill or what is farther down the road, it is a good day.

    1. I should clarify this. There was no particular point to this trip. The whole trip in and of itself was not pointless.

  2. When the world is a wonder, the traveler curious, there will never be a pointless road trip. Ever.

  3. Traveling to see new country is always a worth while thing, as a plus you're an international traveler!

  4. My old stomping grounds. Oilmont had a school,bar & oil field supply company

  5. Any road trip is better than no road trip.

  6. Road trips are wonderful even when there is no one else around. Actually they are better without crowds.