Thursday, 13 April 2017

St. Kilda School?

I believe this is St. Kilda School in a rural area east of Coutts, Alberta. Ran across this on April 8, 2017. The building is definitely a schoolhouse. The sign on the top of the gate says "Bowery".

From what I could find St. Kilda operated as a one room school from 1911 to 1946. The school burned down in 1923 and was rebuilt. After the school closed it became sort of a community center. The St. Kilda Society was formed to preserve the school and grounds. There was an open air dance floor in the schoolyard called the Bowery and events were held here. Over time the place became abandoned. 

I wanted to get better photos of the building. It is behind a fence so therefore likely on private property. There was too much brush in the way to get decent photos from the road.

The hills in the background are in Montana.

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