Saturday, 8 April 2017

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, March 25, 2017

About nine miles west of Hilda, Alberta in a rural area. The cemetery was in use from 1912 to 1935. This was the first of two sites for the Zion Lutheran Church. The second one is about a mile and a half due north of this one. I tried to get to the second one. The road to the second one is more suited for a truck and I am drivng a car. There is still water sitting in areas due to melting snow as well. The second one will have to wait for another day.

This is the most unique church marker I have found. The cemetery is on a hill with a pronounced slope to it. Nothing remains of the church.

It had to be damn hard for people to venture out and settle this area and try to make a life for themselves. More than a few gave up and some must have genuinely hated it here. It had to be a hard lonely life at times. I am curious why the church moved to a second site. There are more than a few instances in this part of Alberta where churches changed locations two or three times.

There are graves at the top of this hill and at the bottom. There may be some ones in the middle. I did not find any markers except for those at either end.

These type of markers are common in this part of Alberta in Lutheran cemeteries.

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  1. Very cool markers! Sometimes the towns moved after the railway came through and missed them so they moved (Deloraine in Manitoba is an exmaple).