Thursday, 25 May 2017

Low key software rant

I would like companies at one point to just leave their stuff alone. I work with a number of computer programs personally and at work and I am constantly getting updates. Prior versions are usually fine however there seems to be this need for companies to constantly screw with their product when it works well. Most of these changes are not beneficial.

Apple is really bad for this. They constantly badger me to update the software for my itunes, iphone, and ipad. You can only ignore them for so long before they almost start forcing you to update. Most of the time they are making it worse and adding stuff that I cannot get rid of and do not want. I used to love itunes. Now I tolerate it. I still hate Microsoft for the tabs in MS Office that they introduced years ago. I am not anti-technology. I am more of the school of thought that if something works reasonably well then leave it alone.

The programs I use for work just got a recent change. Now it takes longer for me to deal with clients as I am trying to figure out how to deal with the goofy changes. For example I cannot enter an address, I have to enter a postal code which then brings up an array of address associated with that code, then pick the address I want from a menu. It was faster the old way.

If it ain't broke . . .

How can you not like spam?

Never have. Never will. 

I seem to be getting small amounts of spam comments.I am guessing that they are largely coming from India due to the grammar and syntax. I am certain that a few of my photos have been "borrowed" and ended up on a t-shirt over there. I find that kind of amusing. The spam comments are a minor nuisance for now as I just delete them as soon as they are posted. I fail to see what they are trying to accomplish, it is not like anyone is going to buy any of the garbage they linked.


Sometimes it seems like the days blend together. The weekdays can be one repeating cycle of getting up and going to work. There are times it feels like I am doing the same thing over and over again. 

I work at a kind of boring job. I am not going to say what it is as it is not that important. I am sure that everyone gets bored at their job at one time or another. I believe that you can be busy and bored just from doing the same type of thing multiple times. Most of us do not lead exciting lives. To be honest I kind of like the sameness of the days. It allows me to enjoy my weekends more.

Brisco, British Columbia church

Not able to find out anything about it. Definitely not in use. Across the road is the General Store. If I am back this way again I will have to stop and ask if anyone has any information on it. Took a photo on April 30, 2017.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A little night music

There are days . . .

Last August I was in Medicine Hat, Alberta heading out on a motorcycle trip when my Iphone 5c slipped out of my hand and hit the table when I was getting breakfast at McDonald's. I happen to like breakfast at McDonald's. Of course it had to hit the table with just enough force to crack the screen. It was a Saturday on a long weekend and I had to wait for two hours for stores to open. No such luck getting it fixed so I got a replacement Iphone 6. When I got back I replaced the screen on the 5c and left it in a drawer.

A few days ago my Iphone 6 decided it was schizophrenic and locked me out. When it would accept my passcode it would torture me further my activing and closing random apps. I managed to do a quick update and thought I fixed the problem. I woke up this morning, grabbed my phone to check the time, turned it on, and confirmed that I woke up way too early. Aboout three hours early. My phone then decided to dial my mother on its own. Of all the people it could have dialed it just had to be my mother who is slightly paranoid and convinced the worst is going to happen at any time. I just knew she would  think the sky is falling if she got a phone call at a weird hour. I frantically tried to unlock it so I could hang up before it started ringing through. No such luck. I managed to kill the power after two rings and I did not hear her answer it. Safe!

Not so safe. About an hour later after multiple resets I got in and noticed that my mother left me a voicemail right after that call and was concerned if everything was all right. Mom does not have call display so she must have dialed the code that tells you the last number that called. I managed to call her and convince her there was no emergency. At least I think I managed to convince her there was no crisis.

During my lunch I decided I had enough. I dug out the Iphone 5c and reactivated it. The Iphone 6 has been placed on hiatus for now. I am one of those who never backs up my phone (mainly since so few people call me and I cannot be bothered) and I gained some contacts since last August. Not to mention that I usually check my email through my phone. Trying to remember your passwords to set up everything again, especially since I changed a few passwords a few months ago, is a bit of a chore. Thankfully I have some of this written down. I just need to finish resurrecting everything. I am sure I missed a few calls or emails in the interim.

There are worse things that could happen.

It's so busy no one goes there anymore

I am paraphrasing Yogi Berra.

I will be doing my best to avoid the national parks this year. I love Banff, Alberta. I prefer Jasper, Alberta. Banff is closer to me. 

I took the motorcycle on a run to Banff and back on Victoria Day which was May 22, 2017. The weather was perfect. To celebrate Canada's one hundred fiftieth anniversay our Federal government made passes to the parks free this year. All you had to do was apply and get a free pass. This gave you free access to all of the National Parks in Canada for 2017. I like the idea and it is a way to get people out to see this country.

Banff National Park is getting crowded. Too crowded. You see people of all kinds just about everywhere there. Not just in the town of Banff itself but on the hiking trails as well. Everyplace there is jammed. I have mixed feelings about this. I think it is great that so many people will get out to experience the wilderness. The problem is that so many people are getting out to experience the wilderness.

I stopped in Banff itself for lunch on Victoria Day. Riding on a motorcycle meant it was easier to find a place to park. I had seen plenty of people in cars circling the streets trying to find a place to park. A motorcycle usually does not take up too much room. I almost felt bad that I could park my motorcycle in some leftover scrap of parking space. Almost.

I like to go to the Banff area for the scenery. I live on the prairie but I grew up in the mountains. In the background is the Banff Springs Hotel. There are lots of great views in the area.

Heading back home was not easy. From Calgary to Banff it is a four lane highway. Heading back home on the last day of a three day holiday weekend traffic was at a crawl for half of the trip. At least a quarter of the way my top speed was twenty-five miles an hour. It will be worse in July and August. I hope everyone that visits will enjoy their trip. I will be looking for other places to go.

School hunting May 21, 2017

This is near Thorsby, Alberta. Sometimes you drive by a place a few dozen times and not notice what was hiding in plain sight. The photo shows a school in the foreground and that certainly looks like a school in the background. I did a quick check and could not find any information on this school.

This is right in someone's farmyard. Below you can see the original foundation of the first building. I noticed the dandelions are out in full force.

The second building definitely looks like a school building. Mystery to solve for another day.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Not good at the vehicle shots

Old vehicles that look or are abandoned can make for some great photo opportunities. I saw this near Invermere, British Columbia on April 29, 2017. I like what they did with this and I wish I could have got a better photo.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Green! Glorious green!

Stellar Victoria Day Weekend. No matter where I was everything was nice and green. This is Burtonsville Road, not far from Tomahawk, Alberta where my mother grew up. 

St. Anthony north of Etzikom, Alberta May 6, 2017

Built in 1911, closed in 1991. Someone stole the cross from the top of the church a few years ago. It is boarded up and there is no access to the inside. It is one of those simple straightforward churches typical of rural areas. I hope it gracefully fades away over time.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ugly tree

Near St. Francis, Alberta May 13, 2017. It will look better with some leaves. It has kind of a tactical ugliness to it, it makes it look like you to want to take it home to take care of it. 

Very early morning music post

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Friday, 19 May 2017

Road trip?

This weekend will be a three day weekend in Canada, Monday being Victoria Day named after Queen Victoria. Her birthday was celebrated in Canada before Canada became a nation. Over time her birthday became a national holiday.

There are a few places I would like to get to however that depends on the roads and the weather. Wherever I am going it will not be Piney, Manitoba. I drove a few miles on the back roads when I was out to visit my mother last weekend. The roads then were wet and a little slick. Everything should be dry this weekend. I think I should contact the KIA company and show them what I have been putting one of their cars through. Maybe they will throw some money my way for an endorsement deal so I can get my hands on an SUV.

Glen Echo School 1913 - 1945

This is in a very rural area southwest of Bow Island, Alberta. I am not saying where this is except that it is not on a main road. A lot of work was put into this project. After the school was closed it was moved to Bow Island, Alberta. It was moved back to it's original site and restored.

There is a marker in front of the school. It states that the funding for the restoration of the school was provided by Henry Dale Schnee who attended the school from 1938 to 1945. He was eighty-one when he undertook this project. He must have loved this place to put his time, effort, and resources into restoring it. I hope it stands for many years.

There is a secure door and the windows have steel roll shutters. It is unfortunate that you have to guard against crime in the middle of nowhere. 

I did not go in the school. I put my camera up against the window to get this photo. This was very well restored. You can notice a school bell on the teacher's desk.

The original foundation. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Quick thank you to . . .

D M Truman at  He was kind enough to point out some places that I missed in his area of the province. Especially Charles School and Glen Echo School. 

Not a bale post

This time it is a barn. Near Jenner, Alberta April 15, 2017.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Charles School

Tiny school south of Nemiskam, Alberta. This was posted by another blogger and upon seeing it I just had to see it for myself. There is a book that has been scanned and posted online titled "Pioneering With a Piece of Chalk" which attempts to give a bit of history on every one room school that existed in Alberta. A lot of this history of places like this has been lost to time. Apparently this place started as a school in 1911. There is not information when it stopped operating. It is on private land nad still on its original location. If there were any signs of life at the neighbouring farm I would have asked if I could have got a closer look.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Outside Patricia, Alberta April 15, 2017

I have driven past this a couple of times and have never been able to capture this just the way I want it. I do love the sense of humour in putting this together. This area is known for their dinosaur finds.

Trying the art post once again

Spotted near Lethbridge, Alberta May 6, 2017.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Odds and ends

Spent a chunk of the weekend visiting mom as Mother's Day was on Sunday. My sister and her son made it as well. As soon as the grandkid is in the picture you just know that you will not be able to compete. Took mom out for dinner. We got her a cell phone as a gift. It is linked to my account so she will never see a bill. I got her the simplest one as all she will ever need it for is the occasional phone call. Mom was excited to get a cell phone which sort of surprised me. She is not one to embrace new technology. I managed to escape the task of washing her car. I think she forgot to ask and I was not going to remind her.

There are certain things you do to make other people happy. Mother's Day is one of those things. My mother lives in an apartment style condominium complex for people over the age of forty-five. There are a lot of older ladies there and every one of them love it when their family comes to visit. A bit of effort on your part can really make someone's day.

St. Mark's Church

Originally a Presbyterian Church, then an Anglican Church. Started in 1895, finished in 1896, restored in 1990. This is just a little north of Brisco, British Columbia and barely off Highway 95. If you do not look carefully you will miss it. The trail off the highway is down a small hill and up a slope. In the summer this church would be totally obscured by the trees.

Wonderful spot.

"John E Rush Born Sept 4, 1879 Died June 28, 1902
Farewell Kind Heart Till We Meet In Heaven"