Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Radium Hot Springs January 14, 2017

Saturday January 14, 2017 was the day for a one day road trip to Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. From where I reside it is about a three and a half hour drive. This is Highway 93 from a bit north of Banff and heading west into British Columbia. It was a bit icy.

Being close to the mountains allows you to see sights like this.

Along Highway 93 you do not have to go far to see views like this. This one is just outside Radium and right beside the highway.

Heading west just before you enter the town of Radium.

The whole complex is being renovated. The hot pool is kept at about 39C. I stopped to try it out. It was warm but not hot. There are a few hot springs in this area of British Columbia. Fairmont Hot Springs is just a bit south of here and I find it hotter. It is an easy day trip from Calgary, Alberta.

In the lower right is a lifeguard chair and umbrella that someone never bothered removing. It is completely iced over.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Avian encounters in Kootenay National Park

These are lousy photos however I am posting them as I had a bit of fun with this character. I pulled off to the side of the highway to see if the path was open to a waterfall that was just off the road. This character was hunkered down on top of a snowbank. I thought it might have been injured as a snowbank seemed an odd choice for a place to hangout.

I got close up for a photo and ignored. 

I had the car window down when I was back in the car. My subject heard a bag of chips krinkle when I moved it and that got its attention. I do not feed wildlife. A short flying hop off the bank and on the road and it was convinced I gained a new friend. Confirmed no obvious injuries. No food from me either and it walked away in disgust. 

Snow chapeaux sported by fence posts

Kootenay National Park January 14, 2017. The fence is to keep wildlife from getting on to the highway.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Quick blog note

I  had someone recently comment with a question on a post that is over a year old. I answered them on the same post however I am not sure if people ever go back to check. If anyone wants to ask me anything I have an email address that I use only for this blog that is posted. I am reasonably quick answering emails.

Russo-Greek Orthodox Church near Star, Alberta

I spend some time looking on Google Earth for places to visit. This was on my list. I went looking for this on December 31, 2016 in person and I found it. It is always a bit exciting when a place turns out to be much better than you anticipated. If it was not so damn cold that day I could have explored some more and I might have ended up with some better photos.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Morant's Curve

This spot is along Highway 1A, the old highway from Banff to Lake Louise. Anyone who lives close to Banff National Park should make a trip to see it in winter. January 8, 2017.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Jaroslav School, December 31, 2016

Former one room schoolhouse west of Highway 831 alongside Highway 45 in Alberta. Nearby there is a Jaroslav Church. This one has no name on it and there is no historical marker. The design shows that it is obviously a school. With snow there was no place to park and get a look inside.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Temporary Friday Night Music Post

All Canadian tonight.

Abandoned near Wostok, Alberta

Drove by this on January 1, 2017. In this area you find a lot of abandoned places that have been left years ago. If you see enough of them you kind of wonder what the story behind a place might be.

In celebration of my birthday

It is time for hay bales. My birthday is not until July but why wait.  

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Lake Louise Train Station January 8, 2017

The train station is a museum. Sometimes you just have to get out and embrace winter in Canada by getting out and about. 

Travels with Ron

On an irregular basis I meet up with my friend Ron to take a run in a rural area and see what we might find. Sometimes we end up with an impressive haul of photos at the end of the day. Ron and I got to hang out on December 31 and January 1 with no particular destination in mind. Usually we pick an area on a map and see what is there. It was a fun few days.

Ron is a fan of finding old buildings and barns for his photos. We are still not sure if this was a house or barn.

Highway 857 south of Highway 652, Alberta January 1, 2017

I lean more to old schools and churches.

Highway 616 east of Leduc, Alberta December 30, 2016
I think I am getting him to see the error of his ways and he is learning to appreciate old schools and churches. Once that is accomplished I will get him taking photos of hay bales.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The fence posts wear marshmallow hats

Along Highway 1 north of Banff, Alberta January 8, 2017.

Highway 1A between Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

January 8, 2017.

Skiing at Canada Olympic Park

Calgary, Alberta January 9, 2017.

I have a relative that takes part in a skiing program for the differently abled giving them an opportunity to ski. They get secured in a chair then taken up and down the slopes by skiers. When you get there the place is packed. There are a lot of people taking part. Below is a ski chair.

Inside where everyone signs in and gets gets ready. Canada Olympic Park is part of the facilities from when Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics.

Its a nice place and I admire the volunteers that make this happen.

Monday, 9 January 2017

North Saskatchewan River December 31, 2016

View from Highway 855 crossing the river in Alberta.

Shandro - St. Mary's Russo Greek Orthodox Church

I ran across this on January 1, 2017. Parts of Alberta are littered with churches of this type. In some places it seems like you can run across one every few miles. This one is at Shandro, Alberta. There is not much at Shandro these days. This church was recently designated an historic site. I really have to get back and see this in the summer. 

Of course I had to get out of a warm truck and trudge across a field of drifted snow in temperatures well below minus twenty celsuis in order to capture this. It was worth freezing to get a good look at this. 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Perspective matters

I was reading through various internet sites due to a bit of insomnia. I ran across an great little story that someone had posted. He had a friend that whenever he did any activity involving travel or camping he would always tell everyone what an awesome time he had. So he joined him on a trip and thought it was just an okay time after it was over. The trip seemed to be nothing special. 

About a few weeks later he heard his buddy tell some other people about the trip and it sounded like a fantastic time. He mentioned to one of his other friends that he was there and he did not get why his buddy was so excited and why it sounded like he had the time of his life. The friend told him that maybe his buddy appreciates it more. Upon hearing this observation the guy had an epiphany. His buddy had a totally different attitude on life. His attitude made his life great. His buddy likely knew something he did not and he decided to look at things differently. After doing this everything seemed better for him. 

A change in perspective can work wonders. We come this way but once.

Near Willingdon, Alberta January 1, 2017

Taking the side roads can lead to finding some great stuff. If I was a bit of an artist I could really make something out of this.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Windmill at Shandro, Alberta January 1, 2017

Normally I avoid outdoor museums and pioneer villages. This was too good to pass up. This was right beside Highway 857 at what was once Shandro, Alberta.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Shandro Community Hall, January 1, 2017

This is right beside Highway 857 a few miles south of where the highway crosses the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta. The building has sign on the front stating the building is unsafe. You do not see many stone buildings like this in Alberta. It is also a big stone building, the few that I have seen were not this big. I imagine it would have been fairly expensive to build.

The sign is badly faded. It says Shandro Community Hall with a date I think is 1935.

I keep saying I should stop doing dumb things like hike through fields in temperatures in the -25C range. At this point I know that is not going to happen.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wostok School, Wostok, Alberta December 31, 2016

Wostok is practically a ghost town. Not all school sites in Alberta have a marker. This one has two.

Someone went to the time and effort to erect a sign noting the superintendents, teachers, and students that attending this school.

The spot is just inside someone's property. This building was behind the markers. It likely is not the one room school. I have seen one room schools that look like this so on the chance that it is the school I thought I would post it. This site is about a mile west of Wostok. The town used to have a rail line that ran through it. The rail line was taken out years ago which helped kill the town.