Sunday, 22 April 2018

So, it was a little damp in rural Alberta today

Flooded farm field. 

Saint Columba Anglican Church and Cemetery

A sign at the gate of Saint Columba Anglican Church and Cemetery states: "Built by the early settlers to the glory of God.Consecrated on November 2, 1898."

It was one of the earliest churches built in the district, and although regular services ceased in 1959, Saint Columba is still host to occasional weddings and baptisms and the cemetery is still in service.  The site is maintained by descendants of the early church members and was declared a Municipal Heritage Property in 1997.  This little church is near Tuxford, Saskatchewan and will have its one hundred and twentieth anniversary later this year. 

"Charming" is an understatement.

Friday, 20 April 2018

McConnell, Manitoba

Most of McConnell, Manitoba in one photo
The ghost town of McConnell, Manitoba is a typical Prairie story. The town came to being with the arrival of the railway in 1911, and the town disappeared when the railway closed in 1978.

Today, there are two buildings, two grain elevators and a few small farm buildings with some cows in the area.

The town was never very large - not much more than a dozen buildings. The school building served the area until 1967, and the remaining students went to nearby towns for their education. The building served as a community centre for a short time until the town was deserted.

Former school in McConnell, Manitoba
The town church was used as a residence for some time.

Former church in McConnell, Manitoba
There are two grain elevators in McConnell, former Manitoba Pool elevators along the railway right-of-way.

Grain elevators in McConnell
More on McConnell's grain elevators.

Steve Boyko