Thursday, 23 November 2017

Pen to paper

I admit to a bit of a pen obsession. I usually buy a small handful of pens at a time. I like inexpensive pens that write decently. Through use, and forgetting where I put various pens, I found myself in need of some more pens. On the weekend I dropped into one of the few remaining stationery stores left and bought from pens from the ever diminishing selection. I am irritated to find they no longer carry Staedler pens. The world is becoming a sadder place.

Bale out! Bale out! Bale out!

You were all wondering when I was going to post bales again.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cymric, Saskatchewan November 11, 2017

On Highway 20 between Duval and Govan, Saskatchewan. There used to be a little more here. All there is now is an old general store. I did a quick stop because this is an old general store and you rarely see these anymore. I wanted to go in but the windows looked like there were garbage bags taped over them on the inside. There were lights on inside and no open/closed sign. I think there was life inside since lights were on. It was Remembrance Day so they might have been closed. It might have also not operate as a business and it might only be a residence. I know years ago it was common for people that owned and operated a general store to live in the back. 

I did not knock because I did not want to disturb anyone. I really wanted to see the inside. I may have to do a return trip.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How hard can it be to find a grain elevator?

Tried and succeeded in finding the grain elevator at Tate, Saskatchewan on November 11, 2017. The problem was it was not at Tate. Actually there is nothing at Tate. There once was a village beside the railway tracks called Tate that existed from 1903 - 1968. Nothing exists of Tate now. I found out later there was a stone marker showing where Tate once existed. I saw a train parked near the rural crossing. From the bare research that I did there should be a grain elevator in the vicinity. 

I drove a bit south then I spotted what looked like a grain elevator in the distance. Then a bit west, then a bit south to get closer. I am guessing this was the grain elevator from Tate that is now on someone's farm. It cannot be easy just to move an elevator from one spot to another however a number of them did end up in different places. This is a Federal elevator. Federal was formed in 1929 when nine companies merged together. It definitely looks abandoned. It still looks solid and should hold up for a few more years. All of the photos I took were from the road.